Work / "Wilderness Dads" at The Wilderness Festival

The Wilderness Festival is one of the UK's newest and best festivals. The Blueski Team have been going every year since it started to recharge, refresh and party.


In 2014 as per normal we wanted to grab some pictures to keep the memories alive. But rather then the traditional festival photos of beautiful young things skinny dipping and frolicking we thought that we would catch  a different type of beauty. We wanted to catch some beautiful old things and that's how "Wilderness Dads" was born.


For us the Dad's are the essence of Wilderness.  Brave and immutable our selection of "Wilderness Dads" take everything in their stride. Unfazed they do want they want to do when they want to do it and if that includes catching some Zzzzz in the middle of thousands of people so be it.   Whatever Dads do they do it with style!


Enjoy our "Wilderness Dads" Photo Essay.