Work / Last Year's Youth - "Menace" Original Punk

A few years ago we met a great guy called Noel Martin. He’s a man with an interesting history. You see Noel is a member of Punk Rock band “Menace”, one of the original London punk outfits from ‘77.  They might have lost and gained some band members during those times but don't forget Menace were there when it started, they’ve done it and they got the t-shirt to prove it.


That’s pretty cool in itself but what we really like (apart from the great stories) is that they are still going strong, playing live, putting out records  with the same Punk DIY attitude they had back in the '70s.


Followed maniacally by a  hardcore fan base, both here in the UK and around the world, age has not withered this bunch of hooligans.


This got us thinking at Blueski that it would be lots of fun to catch (and share) something of Menace’s  punky spirit and all the great people/bands around the Punk scene. So that's why we recently found ourselves in the basement of an infamous Islington boozer on a sweaty Friday night to shoot  Menace supported by a bunch of other great punk bands.


What we wanted to catch was the fact that both the musicians and fans never compromised, they never put away the attitude, got married or became boring. It might not be '77 and they might be showing a few battle scars but they never gave in.  That's what shines through in all the images we shot.


Thanks to Menace and everyone else for letting us come and shoot this Blueski Photo Essay “Last Year’s Youth” .